About Pinigig

In 2011 I was teaching pre-entry level English to refugees, many of whom were illiterate in the mother tongue.  Much of the teaching relied on images but a lot of the time those images were not clear enough and created confusion.  As an illustrator I started to draw pictures with the idea of being as unambiguous as possible.  3,000 images later I want to share these pictures with my fellow teachers.  It's a work in progress and a hobby but I try to release sets of flashcards as regularly as possible.  The majority are free but the pay-for downloads help to pay for the site hosting and other costs.

I strongly believe that images are a vital tool in language learning, bridging the gaps between words.  I have used these images for every level and all ages and have received great responses from students.

If you have any ideas for images that you would find useful or any feedback on the site please contact me here.  Let's make our classrooms a visual feast for students!





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